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Tipster Competition Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I have to deposit at the sponsors to win prizes?
You need to have made at least a €10 deposit at each sponsor you want to win prizes from that month. The deposit must be made by the 20th of the month you want to claim prizes in.  The bookmaker will check this before they pay the prizes and deposits after the 20th of the current month will not count for claiming a prize that month.

Q) If I only register/deposit with some of the sponsors, can I still win those prizes?
Yes, but you will only win their part of the prize from the sponors who you have deposited. So if you only register and deposit with two sponsors you can only win their two parts of the prize.

Q) Can I withdraw my deposit?
A) We expect you to rollover the deposit at least once at odds over 1.5 before you withdraw if you are playing for prizes. People attempting to deposit and withdraw without placing any bets will not qualify for prizes and bookmakers may even close accounts, as it costs them money for the transactions.

Q) If I deposit once, can I claim prizes for all future months?
A) No, we have shorted the prize places and increased the prizes to much higher sums to always make it worthwhile depositing. You must have made a deposit of at least €10 before the 20th every month you would like to play for prizes.

Q) Do I need to fill out my full real name, country and bookmaker logon names in my tipster competition profile?
if when we sent off the details to the sponsors to claim the prizes your details are not there, you will not be paid a prize that month for the bookmaker(s) who's information is missing. If your country or firstname/lastname is missing you will not be paid any prizes. We require this for security and bookmakers terms and conditions.

Q) I didn't recieve an email from SLBet when I registered on their site?
A) They sometimes have a problem with the automated emails to a couple of free email providers.  Please email them on info@slbet.com and they will manually activate your account.

Q) Can I also claim the sponsors normal bonus if I deposit cash?
A) Yes, as long as you are in a country that is not excluded from claiming their welcome bonus, we recommend it.  Make sure this bonus is used up before we come to paying prizes, as some can only have one bonus active.

Q) Can I win the prizes if I have an active bonus still available at the sponsors?
We recommend that you make sure all bonuses are used or expired before the prizes are paid, as some of our sponsors can have only one bonus activated in the system at once. If they can't add the extra bonus, you won't get paid the prize.

Q) I already had a SLBet or OhmBet account before I joined the Tipster Competition, can I still play for prizes?
A) Yes, you can only claim prizes from the sponsor you hold an account with, so if you are not registered with them all, please also register at the others.

Q) Can I win prizes again in the future if I have already won before?
A) Yes, although we withhold the right to change this rule if it becomes a problem.

Q) How long will it take before I am paid the prize money?
A) Different sponsors take different amounts of time. Most pay within 3 - 4 working days of the results being announced on the site, but can take upto 2 weeks.

Q) I haven't received my prize yet?
If for any reason you have not recieved your prize and it is less than two weeks since the winners were annouced, please JUST WAIT!  DO NOT email/call our sponsors asking where the prize is, as it is wasting their time! If you believe other people have been paid and you have not, please make a request in the ShoutBox or Email us via the contact form!

Q) Are there any reasons you don't pay out prizes?
A) If you haven't filled out your profile and made a €10 deposit per sponosor you want a prize at, we can't pay you! Additionally,  cheating, abuse or spamming could get you banned.

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